ElectriSCAN – Services Overview

ElectriSCAN offers electrical thermographic infrared testing for all electrical gear in all settings.

We divide our electrical infrared testing services into the following categories:

  • Utilities
  • Switchgear – High, Medium & Low Voltage
  • Data Centers
  • IR Windows
  • Solar Installations


Applications in this category range from the generation station to transmission and distribution systems.

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Electrical Infrared Testing - Transmission Line Issue - Utilities


High, medium, and low voltage systems and components are generally at or near customer locations. Applications in this category cover the local uses: transformers, local switchgear, breakers, panels, etc.

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Electrical Infrared Testing - Switchgear

Data Centers

Data centers are large consumers of electricity with a low tolerance for either electrical failures or thermal anomalies. In addition to direct application to the electrical systems, thermal IR is used to identify issues with inadequate cooling, distribution of air, and local hot zones.

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Electrical Infrared Testing - Static Image from 360 degree model

IR Windows

IR Windows can be a critical component in safe and efficient thermal IR surveys. They allow the interior of electrical cabinets to be surveyed without needing to open the cabinets. This saves time and increases safety.

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Electrical Infrared Testing - IR windows in use

Solar Installations

Thermal IR for solar (PV) installations, whether they are solar fields, solar farms, or rooftop systems, is applied to commissioning and to ensuring that the solar system continues to deliver its full capacity over time.

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Electrical Infrared Testing - Solar Installations - Large solar farm with a productivity issue found with IR

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