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Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. (SITS) was founded in 1989 by Gregory R. Stockton. Mr. Stockton is considered an industry expert with many years of hands-on experience. With a fanatical focus on technical excellence and customer service, we created a line of IR services and applications unparalleled in the infrared service industry.

For the last thirty-one years, we have provided infrared (IR) thermographic imaging services and resources to clients and infrared thermographers. With a history of innovation and a background in real-world applications, our goal is to help both clients and contract service providers by providing quality information on infrared thermography and by matching qualified infrared thermographers in North America to end-users of infrared services.


AITSCAN logo, IR Services from the air

AITscan™ Division

AITscan™ is the industry leader in aerial infrared applications.

BuildScanIR logo, IR services for buildings and the building industry

BuildScanIR™ Division

BuildScanIR™ Network is a resource for building owners, building inspectors, home inspectors and building infrared thermographers, interested in learning about infrared.

ElectriSCAN logo, IR Services for the electrical industry

ElectriSCAN™ Division

ElectriSCAN™ offers information and marketing resources for electrical infrared clients and electrical infrared contractors.

IRresearcher logo, IR services for research applications

IRresearcher™ Division

IRresearcher™ performs applications-specific infrared research such as carbon fiber composite, automotive and aircraft welding, micro-circuitry and sports medicine.

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