Solar Panel Testing

Infrared Solar Panel Testing

Infrared surveys can quickly and easily detect flaws in solar panel installations. If not corrected, these flaws can affect the overall performance and efficiency of your PV solar plant.

Flaws that can be detected in our surveys include:

  • Missing solar panels
  • Open strings
  • Hot/cracked/damaged panels
  • Excessive heating of panels
  • Non-uniform temperatures
  • Moisture intrusion
  • Non-optimal plant layout
  • More!

On-Ground Testing

Through on-ground testing, we are able to check for cracked panels, measure individual loads, check inverters/combiner boxes and much more. This testing can be accomplished by utilizing our state-of-the-art imaging systems while driving and/or walking the grounds of your plant.

Aerial Testing/UAV Testing

Aerial infrared testing can be the most cost-effective way to test a larger area to quickly pinpoint any existing problems. AITScan™ (our aerial infrared division) uses high-angle straight down (NADIR) infrared imaging to capture larger areas as once, making the imagery easier to analyze and reports less expensive to produce.